The Power of Sun at your home

As the one of the world's largest solar panel manufacturers, Canadian Solar has produced more than 70 million solar panels for homes, businesses, and power plants.

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Our Products

Canadian Solar Solar panels are trusted around the world for their performance, quality, and reliability.In the Solar Life Technologies, We use Polycrytalline Canadian Solar Solar panels.

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Advantages of Solar Energy

The light from the sun provides a consistent and stable source of energy throughout the year. Unlike other resources which are set to decline in the near future, there several energy sources which are renewable. Eg: Hydropower, biomass, sunlight, wind etc. The benefit of solar energy is its simplicity to deploy with basic setup. Most common source utilize photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity. They use semi-conductor to absorb radiation from sunlight and emit electrons which will be extracted as electricity.

Advantages of Solar

  • Indefinitely renewable (for the foreseeable future).
  • generate electricity
  • Heating water
  • Sunlight reflectors or skylights reduce energy expenditure required to light rooms during the day.
  • Panels also require little maintenance.
  • Solar power takes advantage of net metering, which is the practice of crediting homeowners for electricity they produce and return to the power grid.
  • Solar energy does not cause pollution.
  • Solar energy can be used in remote areas where it is too expensive to extend the electricity power grid.
  • Very reliable due to the fact that they actively create electricity in just a few millimeters and do not require any type of mechanical parts that can fail.
  • It is estimated that the world’s oil reserves will last for 30 to 40 years.
  • Solar energy offers decentralization in most (sunny) locations, meaning self-reliant societies.