The Power of Sun at your home

As the one of the world's largest solar panel manufacturers, Canadian Solar has produced more than 70 million solar panels for homes, businesses, and power plants.

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Our Products

Canadian Solar Solar panels are trusted around the world for their performance, quality, and reliability.In the Solar Life Technologies, We use Polycrytalline Canadian Solar Solar panels.

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How We Do It
Our Main Solution - On Grid system

Grid-connected photovoltaic system is the most common type as they make use of the existing mains electricity grid. They are simpler in design and easier for the installers to fit than off grid systems. The electricity produced during the daytime is either used by the property owner, or directed back into the electricity grid and reduced from our Electricity bill by a utility company, an arrangement called 'net metering'. At night, or on dark days when the panels do not produce sufficient power, electricity will be supplied via normal utility company grid system.

  • Export your power back to your utility company under “Net Metering” agreement and reduce your electricity bills.
  • Most reliable inverters with 5-10 warranty.
  • No need to maintain battery bank.
  • Solar panels with up to 25 year performance warranty.
  • From 1KW upward.
Only Disadvantage
  • No power during power cuts or break downs. (can be overcome by backup system)
  • 10 Years for on Grid Inverter
  • 10 Years product Warranty for Solar Panels
  • 12 Years 90% Performance Warranty
  • 25 Years 80% Performance Warrant

Our On Grid systems start from 0.75kW to 42kW

The Chart of Electricity produced from the Omnik 1kW Inverter and 250W*4 Solar Panels

Solar Life Technologies is providing Solar Power System Remote Monitoring System to Monitor the Solar Power System Details and Errors. And also Our Customers can monitor their Solar Power System from the Omnik Portal Web Site to know about the profit for their investment.

Omnik Portal

Omnik portal, developed by Omnik New Energy, is a portal site managing power station. It can supply professional solutions of managing power stations for end-uers or distributors. It's convenient to visit the website and look up relevant information of whether small solar home system or large-scale power plants anytime and anyplace. It's also possible for users to make their own web pages, locate power stations, define station capacities, select inverter and panel data.

Power of System
Monthly Generated Energy